About John


Real Results from Real Experience:John at the capitol

My career in Real Estate is atypical. I married into a Real Estate family, and after five years of exposure I took the plunge and entered the world full time. One of the benefits to that approach was the broader perspective I gained on the business. Real estate is about the client. Markets go up and down, but in the end little can match the impact that a chosen home will have on a family. My goal is to be an expert on the market so that I can help clients find the right home in any given market.

 My understanding of the business has led to great success in the REALTOR world. The Association of Realtors is the professional association that works to raise the ethics of the profession and also makes the MLS possible. I have been a recognized leader in the industry for many years serving as a director at local state and national levels. I have served as the Chairman of the Austin Board and a Regional Vice President for the Texas Association. My ultimate focus is working directly with clients and my success in that realm has brought me recognition as ABoR Salesman of the Year and I have been the Listing agent of the Year for Stanberry and Associates multiple times.